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Board/Volunteer Leadership Resources

    CCHRA Travel Policy

    We are thankful for the support and involvement of our CCHRA board members and volunteers. We appreciate our volunteers sharing their talents and skills in their volunteer leadership positions. We hope serving in CCHRA as a Board Member or volunteer will lead to opportunities to expand knowledge of the HR field, develop leadership skills, network with other HR professionals, and have some fun!

    CCHRA Volunteers and Support Staff

    Board Members

    The CCHRA Board consists of nine Board positions including: President, President-Elect, Professional Development Director, Membership Director, Legislative Director, Communications Director, Member Resources Director, Treasurer, and Secretary. These positions serve terms and members are elected by our general membership, or appointed by the Board if the position is vacated before the term is completed.

    Link to Board Page.

    Advisory Board

    Past CCHRA Board members are invited to be part of our Advisory Board. The Advisory Board helps give the current Board historical information and feedback as well as participating in the strategic planning of CCHRA.


    The CCHRA Board Members are supported by volunteers. These volunteers are CCHRA members who want to be more involved in CCHRA but on a smaller commitment level than Board Members or would like to be groomed to take on a Board position in the future.

    Paid Staff

    CCHRA contracts out for support in creating our quality newsletter and occasionally for other services.

    2020 Board Meetings

    Board Meetings are a time for the volunteer leaders of CCHRA to come together to coordinate chapter operations. The President facilitates the Board Meeting using Robert’s Rules of Order. The Secretary records in the Board Meeting minutes a record of the proceedings.

    Please RSVP with the President if you are a member or volunteer that would like to attend a board meeting.

    All board meetings are held at the Law Offices of Fenton & Keller, Highway 68.

    Unless otherwise noted, board meetings are at 5:30 p.m. on Monday.

    • January 27
    • February 24
    • March 30
    • April 27
    • May 18
    • June 29
    • July 27
    • August 31
    • September 28
    • October 26
    • November 30
    • December - Board Dinner (TBD)